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Fuel Management Services

More Control, Less Effort
Better Results

Here’s the way the Apex program works . . .

Apex is able to purchase gasoline and petroleum products at very reasonable prices and will pass that savings on to you.

You Get:

  • The state-of-the-art Fuel Management System at no charge

  • Gasoline and petroleum products at a significant savings

How It Works:

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Let Apex help you manage your fleet.

You’ll never have to wonder when maintenance is due, who gets which fuel type, where your fuel goes, or how to keep track of your vehicles with the Apex Fuel maintenance System.

This turnkey fuel system is easy to set-up and use. The system is durable, weather-resistant stainless-steel construction ensures years of uninterrupted services. And because it’s modular, maintenance can be accomplished quickly, reducing down time and operating costs.

One Convenient Solution For All Sites

We can support your fuel management efforts in virtually anyway that you need – from providing reliable, timely data collection and real time alarm notification, to managing the leak detection program or supporting your on-site regulatory administration registration and permitting processes.

As part of the program, you get reliable and accurate data collection, decision support automation, 24/7 access to your information and intelligent IT systems designed to meet your specific needs.

Format your own reports using an online report and query tool or have us send you raw data for your existing system. In case you don’t always have internet access, you can also schedule reports to automatically run and be sent via email to whomever needs the data.

Works With Any Fuel System

It doesn’t matter how your fuel data is collected – by stick or by automatic tank gauge. Nor does it matter how it’s reported – by phone, fax, mail, modem, frame relay or satellite – or how often. All your data is consolidated for you into easy to use reports. It’s that simple.

Affordable  *  Easy to Use
Easy to Install 
*  Weather Resistant


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